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Seeking Volunteers

Why Volunteer

to the Participate in Volunteer-Service and give you at The Opportunity to Meet new new Friends, new new Skills, and GAIN Useful Work preference Experience. More importantly, to Contribute to Our Community Community. By You CAN Help US in at The Administration of at The Office. By You CAN the receive Special Training to help the victim. You can also participate in lectures on research and community development. You can ride a bike to help the community find stolen cars, but also to understand Chinatown rich history , to become a Chinatown goodwill ambassador to help visitors. Is only part of our volunteer service.

Volunteers have have. Goal A Common All: Volunteers to Improve Their Community Community Many say They have have Learned Select this item from at The Volunteer Services Within last They Pay More, the this IS A Very Good Opportunity, the REFER to Please at The. Volunteers at The Voices of and at The Monthly MOST Outstanding Volunteers .

When the benefits of volunteers
AS A Volunteer to Apply How

IF you are AT least Eighteen, But We want to BE A Volunteer in, Please Complete the application form and Fax to IT (604) 688-5070. Our Staff Will you Business Card to Arrange Possible AS Soon AS AN Interview, or you can call us directly (604) 688-5030.

We contribute provide training, support and support. So that you work freely and to help our community healthy growth.


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我 們很高興宣佈 Cecilia Leung 是我們 1 月份的最佳義 工。請按此閱讀。