Victims and Survivors of Crime Week

The Power of our Voices


May 29th, 2016 – June 4th, 2016

529日, 20166 04日, 2016


From the Justice Canada Policy Centre of Victim Issues, this yearly outreach initiative acknowledges the victims, survivors of crime and their families as well as the service providers that help them.


This week serves to raise awareness and promotion of the services, assistance and laws that help victims, survivors and their families.


Events are held across the country during the week in support of the week. Each year, a different theme is named for the week and for 2016, the theme is “The Power of our Voices”.


What the theme is about:

To empower victims and survivors to move beyond victimization and to create an environment where victims, survivors and their families may use their voices to bring about positive change.


The theme, “The Power of our Voices” also acknowledges the work that is done by service providers through the use of their voices. Through advocacy and delivery of services, victims and survivors of crime are able to have a better experience.


This creation of support and empowerment stems from the community, provincial, territorial and federal levels through collaboration and funding with the Department of Justice.

Some Initiatives that have helped to create support systems for victims, survivors and their families:


Victim Services is the provision of support and aid to crime victims, witnesses and their family members to help lessen the impact of crime and trauma.


  • Police-based: provided to victims following the first contact with police.
  • 警察:提供于受害者第一次和警察的接触时
  • Court-based: provided to victims or witnesses that become involved in the court system.
  • 法庭:提供给出庭的见证人
  • Community-based: provided by community agencies
  • 社区:社区机构可以提供多种受害者支持服务


Canadian Victims Bill of Rights:

  • Right to Information
o   有权寻求信息
  • Right to protection
o   有权寻求保护
  • Right to participation
o   有权参与
  • Right to seek restitution
o   有权寻求赔偿
  • Right to make a complaint
o   有权进行投诉


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