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Safety Tips

Safety Tips

  • Online Purchase Scams posted on 2:02 PM, July 25, 2017
    With the growing popularity of online shopping comes the rising rate of online purchase scams. Online purchase scams typically involve counterfeit merchandise, fake websites, and stolen items or property....
  • Tips on Personal Safety posted on 10:23 AM, July 24, 2017
    When walking on the street, have you ever feel insecure about your personal safety? Last month, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) released their annual report for 2016, indicating an increase of...
  • Fake Lottery or Gifts Winnings posted on 11:11 AM, July 21, 2017
    “Congratulations! You’ve won the $100,000 cash prize. Please wire $500 advance payment to the account below to claim your prize…” Have you ever received brief messages or emails similar to this?...
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