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Safety Tips

Safety Tips

  • Protect your credit card information posted on 4:38 PM, June 20, 2011
    * Always keep your credit cards in a safe place, prevent people from stealing it * When using ATM or other transaction machines, look around and make sure no one is spying on your PIN * Take extra...
  • Seniors Safety posted on 8:54 AM, March 23, 2007
    Seniors are the most vulnerable segment of our society. Sadly, they are also the prime target for many scams and frauds as well as being easy victims for muggers and home invaders. Virtually all of the...
  • Fraud, Scams and Con Artists posted on 8:53 AM, March 23, 2007
    * Never give personal information over the telephone unless you have initiated the call. Many scams are based on calls from "bank inspectors" asking you to verify account numbers or PIN numbers. * Be...
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