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Past Programs

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Neighbours First (Foot Patrol) Program

Neighbours First is a community program serving the Chinatown area and consists of uniformed volunteers patrolling on foot and providing directions and safety information to visitors. They are goodwill ambassadors working hard to make the visitors' experience in Chinatown a memorable one. Our volunteers undergo many hours of training focussed on interpersonal relations, the history of Chinatown, local attractions, public safety, first aid, CPR etc. If you enjoy meeting people and want to learn more about the history and attractions of Chinatown, this may be a group of people you might want to join. Please check out our volunteer section for more information on how you can get involved.

Graffiti Removal Program

We have had a graffiti removal program for several years and from time to time, as the need arises, we organize a group of volunteers to cover graffiti with paint donated by local businesses. We also seek permission from property owners in graffiti hotspots to have students paint murals as deterrents to future defacing.


citizenU is a three-year citywide Action Research Initiative designed to engage Vancouver youth and their families in addressing racism, discrimination and bullying; and in building community cross cultures, faiths and generations. citizenU is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and delivered by the City of Vancouver. Youth participate in the nine-month program through community host sites across the city. The program begins with training workshops that address different forms of discrimination and ways to respond. Participants then participate in citywide events that explore these issues in the community. Finally, participants have the opportunity to develop and deliver their own youth-led projects to address discrimination. Beyond the nine-month program, an alumni program provides volunteer and internship opportunities, and ongoing chances to take part in events, activities and youth-led projects.

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Participants getting firsthand experience on trauma-informed yoga at "In the Face of Crime - Introduction to Victim Services" event