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Tips on Personal Safety

posted on 10:23 AM, July 24, 2017

When walking on the street, have you ever feel insecure about your personal safety?

Last month, the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) released their annual report for 2016, indicating an increase of 6.7 percent on the crime rate within the city compared to last year. Despite the rare likelihood of encountering thieves or assaults for an individual, these criminal activities do happen. In response, we would like to share some personal safety tips with you. These tips look simple, but are effective at keeping you safe.


Before heading to your destination, you should plan and choose the appropriate route ahead of time. This will minimize the unease that often accompanies individuals travelling to a new and unknown place. Attackers are more likely to target a person who appears uncertain or timid. Therefore, standing tall, being confident, and being alert of your surroundings can lower your risk of victimization. Furthermore, you should be extra cautious when encountering strangers and trust your gut instinct at all times to get away from situations that make you uneasy.


Whenever possible, you should find someone to accompany you if you feel uncomfortable walking alone on the streets at night. If you are alone or have no one to accompany you, use well-lit streets and walk in the middle of the sidewalk, avoiding dark alleyways. As well, you should consider carrying a whistle or a personal safety alarm so you can get other’s attention if you are attacked. If you did not carry a whistle or a personal safety alarm, screaming and yelling ‘fire’ more effective at alerting others as opposed to yelling ‘help.’ If you strongly believe you are being followed, remain calm, cross the street and turn to walk in the opposite direction to see what the person looks. Then contact your local police immediately.


For more tips on personal safety, please visit VPD’s website:


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