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Sexual Assault and Rape

posted on 8:41 AM, March 23, 2007
  • Under Canadian law rape is a type of assault and assault is illegal. We tend to think of rape as being committed by strangers and although this can happen, most sexual assaults are committed by people known to their victims.
  • Remember, rape is never your fault. Do not feel embarrassed or ashamed. Get immediate medical help and report to the police or a rape counselor as soon as possible.
  • Learn how to stop unwanted sexual advances.
  • Remember, no means no. Be assertive. Raising your voice so that other people can hear what's going on will often deter an assailant.
  • When on dates with people you do not know well stay in public places. Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be home. Be prepared to make your own way home. Carry sufficient cash to pay for transit or a taxi. Carry a cell phone.
  • Read all the notes under "Personal Safety on the Street".


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