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Protect your credit card information

posted on 4:38 PM, June 20, 2011
  • Always keep your credit cards in a safe place, prevent people from stealing it
  • When using ATM or other transaction machines, look around and make sure no one is spying on your PIN
  • Take extra care with credit card documents, ie. Monthly bill.  Shred and destroy documents before throwing them out, so no one can gain any personal information from the document
  • Keep all credit card receipts, check them against the monthly bill to make sure there are no suspicious or unknown transactions.  
  • If you found any suspicious transaction on your monthly bill, or you have not received any monthly bill for a while, please contact the associated bank about the situation
  • If the mail box system at home is not secured, consider forwarding the mails to a secured mailbox or P.O. Box
  • When purchasing online, only purchase from trusted and secured website
  • Remember to logout of your account after you finished your online purchase


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